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Mark Snowdon
28th March 2004, 18:19
I have just got around to claiming back vat on the milage allowance for company use of a private vehicle.

The ir tell me that 1.5p/mile is the deemed vat element of the milage allowance.

q: what figures do you put on the vat form. If I use the mileage amount paid I am looking at putting that I have spent over £10K with a vat element of £390 which is obviously going to look odd to the vat man.

Maybe I just put a letter in to them about it ?

www libertyaccounts com
30th March 2004, 09:07
Say you claim 70 miles at 40p/mile on an 1800cc diesel vehicle:

Total claimed = 70 * .4 = £28.00

Total fuel element from IR rates is 9p/mile 70 * .09 = £6.30

VAT element recoverable is 6.30 * (0.175 / 1.175) = £0.94

VAT100 figures

BOX 4 (Input Tax) £0.94

BOX 7 (Vat excl value of inputs) £5.36

I hope this helps.

You can also go back 3 years if you have records.

Mark Snowdon
30th March 2004, 10:09
thanks liberty.

it was the fuel element that I hadnt been able to track down, all I had was the mileage allowance which would give the odd figures.

Found it - for a > 2000 petrol 14p/mile fuel element or 2p/mile vat

I am going back 3 years.

26th January 2007, 14:46
Using this method does this page http://www.menzies.co.uk/news_room/tax+news/131

mean that the rate is now 10p per mile so effectivly I can claim 1.175p per mile for a 1800cc diesel