View Full Version : CUK - is this board moderated currently?

20th December 2003, 12:29
I was going to say that this board looked as if it were not moderated at all. However, I did notice that Mark Snowdon had caught up with Great tool for sitebuilders / developers!
at: 11/20/03 3:00 pm.

Other than that, it only needs a few adverts for penis enlargement, viagra and millions of dollars sloshing about in Nigerian bank accounts to look like a fully-spammed email inbox. :rolleyes

Is the pressure of Christmas catching up with moderators :smokin or has CUK moved the goalposts ? ;)

Mark Snowdon
20th December 2003, 13:40

Which posts are you concerned about ?

Remember that you cannot see most of the posts/threads that get moderated because they have been removed.

The moderators all operate on a voluntary basis and may have different policies and/or priorities.
Also we dont neccessarily look in every day

Anything considered to be offensive or blatant ads will generally be removed fairly rapidly. The exception is that the business forum is here to allow adverts. I did think of cutting the business oportunity one - and might yet - but I think it safe to say no one here takes such things seriously

I do think xmas is having an effect and there are a couple of threads on the main forum that I find tasteless but I prefer to err on the side of less moderation.


22nd December 2003, 10:51
The moderation is fine and should be left just the way it is.

I wouldn't be entertained half so much if nothing got through.

The moderator's do a good job stepping in when things start getting too OTT. Occasionally they go a little overboard (I think people could have their sigs back guys... :) ) but most of the time they're spot on.

"A round of applause please for Mark Snowdon, Scots Pine, et al...."

22nd December 2003, 13:11
Hip Hip Hooooooooooooray.....

23rd December 2003, 00:34
Zugabe :D

23rd December 2003, 01:46
Hey Mark, looks like its time for little appreciated moderating that I personally think you do so well. We have a new spammer >:

Mark Snowdon
24th December 2003, 18:00
I take a couple of days to do the xmas shopping and look what happens !

bah humbug etc..

9th January 2004, 18:24
Thanks Mark - the moderators seem to be functioning ok now. :)

Edited ->

Oh and I was going to say that it would be a nice idea if new members could only start a new thread after their 10th or 15th post (which might deter a few of the random spam merchants) - but this probably wouldn't be possible under the ezboard scheme !

12th January 2004, 23:40
The other possible explanation is they are trying to encourage cc.net users over here by leaving exaggerated claims and filth un - moderated on the board. :lol

Seriously we need a few nigerian scams on the board or else what will AtW spend his pocket money on?

(I reckon Milan needs a holiday from being the Boards B*tch so AtW gets it. ;) )

13th January 2004, 08:46
Have you noticed that Milan's been a bit po-faced lately?

Who's taken his sweeties off him?

9th February 2004, 20:45
Naturally, wanting to flog loads of stuff, I would like sigs back, but I think it would probably be best if the were only allowed in the Business/Contracts forum.

They tend to get up peoples noses otherwise.