View Full Version : Ltd vs Umbrella, Old subject i know advice greatly welcome

7th April 2004, 14:41
Hey all,

I know this topic has been discussed over and over but reading through posts from the last two years im still in a bit of an indecision what to do. I have been contracting for 6 months, And have just landed a 12 month contract, At the end of the day is it worth me moving away from the umbrella and going ltd?

Is there any where that someone can point out the sort of things that you can class as expenses that you cannot claim back from an umbrella etc?? Im pretty sure my contract is outside of IR35 so feel that going ltd would be the best option,

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

:rollin in advance!

Simon SJDaccountancy
7th April 2004, 15:14
Outside IR35 you would be mad to go through an umbrella unless your rate was very low.

Own Ltd Company will give you by far a better return. Bit more admin to do, but well worth it.

7th April 2004, 15:27
Thanks for that

The rate is >£25 per hour so i assume that it would be worth going the ltd route. Just being new to all of this didnt really understand all the options.

Is there a guide anywhere that kinda explains about expenses and what can and cant be claimed and also about the vat side of things that you can recommend?

The admin thing doesnt bother me too much as i tend to work from home a fair bit (for which i think i can claim some money anyway) ill have time to do it all.....


7th April 2004, 15:45
SJD have a pretty good guide www.sjdaccountancy.com/documents/downloads.html (http://www.sjdaccountancy.com/documents/downloads.html)

The PCG also have a free guide www.pcg.org.uk/resources/GeneralFreelancersGuidance.html (http://www.pcg.org.uk/resources/GeneralFreelancersGuidance.html)

Both of these are free, but I think you have to register on the sites