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8th January 2004, 13:55
I had my LTD company formed recently using contractoruk company formations service. Companies house have sent me the forms back because they were filled in incorrectly by the company formations service.
My question is this,to save further delays can I fill in both the 288a's and 288b's myself and send them off? or do I have to get contractoruk to fill in and sign the 288b's?
Thanks in advance.:

9th January 2004, 19:32
not a good advert for contractorUK Business Services.

I'd say Brian and James need to pull their fingers out.


11th January 2004, 22:25
Can't remember which form is which and can't be bothered to look them up. However, you can certainly do the appointment of director/secretary and the share issue one yourself. The resignation of previous director, ie CUK person, must be signed by him. You should also have a form from him relinquishing the existing allotted shares to you.

What did you pay incidentally? My lastest (my dear, it is soooo common to only have one directorship) cost £54 all in with my own choice of name from Formations Direct which I thought pretty good.Think I paid about £110 for my first company and was stuck with stupid off shelf name.

12th January 2004, 12:01
£88 , there or there abouts.
I think with what they have sent me I could set another one for £20. So all is not lost. Its just a pain when you pay for a service but dont receive it. I think maybe contractoruk should think about using another comapany to do its formations.

17th January 2004, 20:11
Anyone used www.ukincorporator.com/ (http://www.ukincorporator.com/) ?

£50 + £20 to Companies House - looks OK but do not know anyone who has used it.

I'm working for a brolly right now but depending on IR35/591, I may look into starting a Co. in April so would be interested in hearing from anyone who can recommend an easy way to set do this

19th January 2004, 11:41
Go to www.companieshouse.gov.uk and request a statup pack. All the info you need is in there. The couple of documents you need like "memo of association" and stuff can be downloaded off the internet. Just search google.

21st February 2004, 14:29
I did mine through www.ukplc.net. It cost me only £42, and that was with my chosen company name.

The handled the appiontment of directors, company secreatry and share transfer very quickly and professionally too. I would recommend them to anybody.

Debbie Reinvented
31st March 2004, 20:10
www.hanovercompanyservices.com (http://www.hanovercompanyservices.com)

Used to use them when I was with ITA, excellent service, reasonable rates.

www 1staccountancy biz
3rd April 2004, 16:44
A number of accountants including us form them free of charge for new contractors!

Or, we do them for £49 all in, formed within 12 hours with own name, no forms/paperwork & clients as first officers! :D