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14th April 2004, 09:55
I need to get a mobile and want to run the cost through my ltd company. I know that the IR used to charge £240 for a benefit in kind. Is this still the case? Also, dial a phone say that they are not allowed to sell phones to companies. Does anybody know of any good (cheap) companies who can do a contract with a ltd comapny?

14th April 2004, 11:25
NAA but that BIK charge was got rid of a few years ago

For pay as you go the main problem is indeed trying to get the company to put the contract in the company's name, don't think any do, so it may be treated as your phone for NI purposes.

However, I have it from a Newspaper article it is sufficient just to notify the company to put documents and invoices in your company name even if the contract is with you personally. Could probably dig it out.

14th April 2004, 11:44
We have had mobiles on contract over the last few years with Vodafone (from Vodafone retail), Cellnet (as was) from Carphone Warehouse, and currently 3 (from random high street provider). Not had any real problems but they do like to do a different set of credit checks. There is also slightly different documentation to fill in.

14th April 2004, 19:40
Had no problem having phone from Orange in company name.

Simply had to give them purchase order and they invoiced monthly. Packages and upgrades available identical to those via personal account.

19th April 2004, 15:37
I had no problems doing this with Orange, but Vodafone just don't want to know :(

21st April 2004, 12:07
DOes anyone else have this problem with Carphone Warehouse

I signed up for O2 150 mins freecalls per month - what I've noticed is that CW treat the concept of "monthly" different to me - some months are 45 days long, most are over 31 - which results in me going over 150 mins@month & incurs call charges.
This seems a tad unfair to me yet when I raise it with CW they say they are allowed to do this under their T&Cs