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4th October 2016, 07:31
The X Factor rapper Honey G from Harrow says 'there's nothing fake about me' - Get West London (http://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/west-london-news/x-factor-rapper-honey-g-11815089)

Honey G, the privately educated recruitment consultant from Harrow whose lewd X Factor rap has earned her a legion of admirers, insists "there is nothing fake about me".

The 35-year-old's performance, in which she grabbed her crotch as she invited listeners to "let me search it", divided judges.


Although she is in good company with her choice of gold tracksuit




4th October 2016, 07:36
An agent has disappeared up her own ar$€. Newsworthy? Really?

4th October 2016, 08:07
ruddy hell its Harry & Paul.

4th October 2016, 08:40

Didn't think you could give agents a bad name but still, nice to read the profile:

Achievements so far:

ARG Search has recently just been put on the PSL at Arqiva, the multi-million pound communications infrastructure and media services company spearheading the provision of network solutions and services in the digital world. ARG has also just sealed an invoice factoring deal with Ultimate Finance who is providing finance to support contract staff and expansion plans. Now All the contractors need to do is get their timesheets approved, then they'll be paid on a weekly basis, no hassle!
ARG has also just become an official supplier for SBS UK Ltd and Capventis. ARG Search has worked extensively with the Global Head Of Sky. We have Placed high level candidates with well known BI Consultancy,Acrotrend and Boxfusion Consultancy.
We gained a sole suppliership with a Global CRM consultancy for over 1 year within Siebel/CRM technologies.
ARG Search has a suppliership agreement in place with with WM Morrisons.
We have worked with candidates Worldwide mostly in Europe and India, but also specifically in Portugal, Italy and Germany.
We have gained interest from a business networking publishing site in New York.
ARG Search has achieved a profit 3 years consecutively.
The management has attended various OKOUG and salesforce conferences so far.
We have also conducted business meetings with Key stakeholders at Lloyds Retail,Tesco and Marks and Spencer.
We also provide top class advice to candidates wishing to move to the UK from India and Europe.

4th October 2016, 08:44
Didn't think you could give agents a bad name but still, nice to read the profile:

Nice to know they've sourced candidates from Europe, as well as Portugal and Germany...

5th October 2016, 13:10
So who has sent an invitation request or is already connected to said agent ? Come on own up...