View Full Version : do the Inland Rev make public IR35 investigations?

25th April 2004, 23:52
Where can I get accurate info about how many contractors have actually been challenged by the revenue to prove IR35 status?
Has anyone out there been investiagted and won?

WWW ITDoctors co uk
26th April 2004, 11:02
Only a handful of the cases actually get to the court judgement stage - up until now the IR have normally backed of before precedents can be set.

Why are you worrying. Don't you know that Prosperity4 are an IR35 solution - they pay the tax and be done with.

Are you thinking of opening a limited company by any chance?

27th April 2004, 16:02
Del is someone from P4 as I am the real Del and I got a good price for the Beemer:rollin