View Full Version : Tax planning question - spouse resident overseas

29th October 2016, 20:33
Thanks for your responses. I feel my question should ideally be asked to a professional tax adviser. Thanks for your time anyway.

29th October 2016, 21:18
Ohh a tax evasion question. This will be interesting. Which country are we talking here?

29th October 2016, 22:02
For professional advice contact Mrs T Green, 1 Avoidance Place, Monaco

30th October 2016, 06:46
Depending on where you are based, you are likely to owe more than you have been paying already. I suggest you have a look at that, rather than trying to avoid more taxes.

30th October 2016, 09:14
Are you resident overseas?
What country do you live in?
Have you asked your accountant?
Are you certain that your clients will work with foreign companies?

My thoughts:
Your company should pay its taxes in the U.K.
You should be paying your personal taxes where you live.

30th October 2016, 10:00
Maybe this thread will give us some clues and give the OP some answers...