View Full Version : Is it time to leave JSA after their IR35 loss?

1st May 2004, 11:52
It looks like the IR are going through JSA's clients. I was wonder if I should close down my company and move to another accountant or one of those foreign exchange deals like the one advertised by jobserve.

Any Ideas ?

WWW ITDoctors co uk
1st May 2004, 19:32
Can't think why you were with them in the first place. Having said that they used me for 4 years - we are complete suckers.

When I with them they cooked up a global settlement with the IR for expenses paid prior to April 1998. The b******s cost me over eight hundred quid, some of which was their fee.

Get out now and don't look back!!!!!

1st May 2004, 23:35
some pointers:

1) Agree with Rhino (is it?, I forget). The experience of many suggests that you will get a better service at less cost by moving from JSA.

2) Wrt the revenue trawling JSA's clients because of the loss at the Commissioners then I would suggest that this is not actually connected. The IR are likely to target clients of 'contractor' accountants en mass, simply because it is easy for them to get a list of contractors this way (from your audited accounts). JSA are just your accountants, they take little or no part in negotiating your working arrangements and just because one of their client has 'losing' arrangements doesn't mean that they have a group of clients that has a disproportionate quantity of IR35 losses.

3) As to the 'ability' of JSA to handle IR35 cases at this level then the consensus of opinion elsewhere is that this was a very poor case and it is no surprise that the IR won. If there was any fault on JSA's part then it was in letting the case get as far as it did. But the reasons why this happened are not in the public domain and it isn't reasonable to actually apportion blame for this without this information.


2nd May 2004, 10:29
Tim123's point 2) if true, and it sounds likely, is another good reason for not using specialist 'contractor' accountants.

Eh Rhino?

WWW ITDoctors co uk
2nd May 2004, 10:52
Stop it Xogg or I'll have to beat you with that piece of wet lettuce again :lol

www 1staccountancy biz
3rd May 2004, 10:34
Rhino....didn't think you were into that kind of thing!! :rollin