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9th December 2016, 07:38
Anyone got anything interesting planned?

I might take a wee stroll down to that there London village, see if any things happening

9th December 2016, 08:25
Stage crew for five performances of "Dick Wittington".

9th December 2016, 09:08
Friends of mine are playing a gig in Central London. Fun times.

9th December 2016, 09:16
Billing ClientCo.
Drinking Japanese craft beers in Garage 39.
Drinking whiskey in Red Bar and the hotel bar. (Mostly Yamazaki 12, Hibiki 17 and maybe some Chivas Regal Mizunara)
Irish Russians in Sean's Bar
Mellowing in Bar Zerro.
Steaking out in Buff
Ex-patting in the Roo.

...and getting receipts for everything.

9th December 2016, 09:16
Clientco pissup tonight, kids duties for the rest of the weekend - the Lindley brass band are doing carols in the pub on Saturday so that might find it's way onto the to-do list

Edit - TFA!

9th December 2016, 09:27

Mostly blog stuff, cooking, drinking, the usual.
Might do a trial run on the 3 bird roast. It's been a long time since I deboned a chuck. Need to work out what I'm putting in it.

9th December 2016, 09:34

Have guests next weekend so the missus wants the Christmas tree up from the cellar, the cars cleaned and I've a million other jobs on my list including a festive visit to Winchester tip.

I have however been promised that if I'm good I can go fishing on Sunday. Can't decide between Gosport or Hythe. Gosport the fishing is better but harder work. Hythe is closer but all I'm likely to catch are crabs with a flounder or two if I'm lucky.

9th December 2016, 09:34

Nursery nativity play this afternoon.

Gym tonight - must get thinner.

Tomorrow Mrs V is out shopping with mates. The Girls will go to the Gym / mates Micro Miss V will stay at home with me or we will go for a swim.

Sunday - lie in & not sure.

9th December 2016, 09:45
Today: Avoiding any interactions with Americans that might need "a quick call" this afternoon whilst on the train to London town. Meet CUK weirdos.
Sat: Hungover train journey, pick up christmas tree, out for dinner.
Sun: Meeting old Uni housemates for a pre Christmas lunch. Watch wife decorate tree.


9th December 2016, 09:58
Avoiding any interactions with Americans that might need "a quick call" this afternoon.

I feel your pain.

9th December 2016, 11:04


9th December 2016, 11:51
Think we're going to go and buy a Christmas Tree. Hopefully decorate it too rather than leave it in the garage a week like last year.

We bought a rather nice tree and by the time we put it up, B&Q were selling off any tree for a pound (even the 12' fancy ones) very galling.

9th December 2016, 12:52

Today: telephone interview for a gig that will hopefully start in January (I hate telephone interviews), meeting with a bunch of strange folk this evening for drinks

Tomorrow: drive to Sussex, sit through a Christmas movie with my friend and her children, visit parents, go out for a family dinner

Sunday: fix parent's PC, wrap all the family presents I had delivered so I didn't have to bring them down with me, visit an ex colleague and drop off a surprise present for her son, return to the paradise that is London

9th December 2016, 14:43
Hit Washington DC for some Christmas shopping on Saturday and then spend the rest of the weekend visiting various hostelries. Sunday is apparently game day (NFL) so might continue to wind them up after the game last night.

9th December 2016, 16:57
nativity play done, Micro V was very good (of course I'm biased).

I just need to test it
9th December 2016, 17:18
Deep cleaning the house on Saturday, buying a Christmas tree then (ugh) decorating it.

Sunday is the cycling club Christmas do.

Enjoy your weekend, all.

9th December 2016, 18:23
Sat: Hungover train journey, pick up christmas tree

Uh oh....