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16th December 2016, 20:59

Large New Analysis On Penis Size "Reveals" Something Completely Obvious | IFLScience (http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/to-no-ones-surprise-it-looks-like-men-lie-about-the-size-of-their-penis/)

17th December 2016, 00:19
The Internet has been taken by storm with the groundbreaking news that men appear to lie when asked to measure and report the size of their private parts

Have you never lied to get out of a ticket....?


17th December 2016, 02:39
it appears (unsurprisingly) that there’s a linear relationship between a soft and a hard penis. On average, add 1.4 centimeters (0.55 inches) to go from one to the other. That sounds off to me, though measuring the former is surely hard to do accurately

17th December 2016, 08:05
Apparently assguru has even less than NLyUK post op.

Halo Jones
17th December 2016, 10:28
I use SMM 7 or NRM to measure up :wink

(Nerd QS joke)

17th December 2016, 11:06
Hah Mine is 10 inches! Oh no hang on, I meant mm.

17th December 2016, 13:02
I use SMM 7 or NRM to measure up :wink

(Nerd QS joke)

National Rail Museum? Now that's just boasting.

Now some of our posters use micrometers.

Now the relationship between at rest & loud & proud is most definitely not linear at 1.4 times.

19th December 2016, 10:11
Mines 12" but I don't use it as rule.

19th December 2016, 10:13
Mines big enough to fill a pram.:smokin

19th December 2016, 10:22
Size isn't everything, I have a 6 inch purple header in my pocket that drives all the women wild


19th December 2016, 12:49
Mines big enough to fill a pram.:smokin

That's why all the mums run away when they see you looking at their babies in prams.

19th December 2016, 13:11
Mines big enough to fill a pram.:smokin

we are talking about penises not Moobs!

19th December 2016, 17:53
Mines big enough to fill a pram.:smokin