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25th December 2016, 17:17
I started the day with scrambled egg on sour dough (drizzled with a little chilli oil and 'fried' in a dry pan)

I made a few mince pies, washed down with some mulled wine.

Snafu'd a few chocolates along the way.

I have, in the fridge: champagne, foie gras, lobster and poussin all awaiting cooking/shovelling down my gullet. I'm tempted to just do the champers and foie and save the other two for tomorrow.

What y'all stuffed so far/got planned?

25th December 2016, 19:46
What y'all stuffed so far/got planned?

Merry Christmas!


25th December 2016, 22:29
Mustn't forget pudding and drinks....



26th December 2016, 08:28
Traditional turkey and beef. Also pig in blankets mmmm

I couldn't sleep last night because I ate too much but somehow managed to finish off a box of after 8 mints at 3am.

26th December 2016, 09:21
Roast venison, potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Brussel sprouts. Christmas pudding and custard. Mince pies.

26th December 2016, 09:45
Mango and gingerbread mince pies. I live in Australia.

original PM
26th December 2016, 13:04
Just about to have Xmas dinner number 2.

For various reasons and it's tradition.

Still the Mil always put on good spread and fil has already poured the wine 🍷

26th December 2016, 16:37
Had my sister over for Christmas dinner and her being vegetarian we had...

Courgette, broccoli and sweet potato soup
Creamy leek cannelloni with roast potatoes and sprouts
Apple and blackcurrant crumble

26th December 2016, 20:08
Ended up having the lobster with some buttered and minted spuds.

Made a chicken curry today. I think I need to sling the poussin into the freezer and have it another day.

26th December 2016, 20:18

Turkey & Trimmings at Dads.

Xmas Pud + custard,

Then a rather fine Castlemaine XXXX trifle


Made amusingly enough by an Aussie.

Washed down by lashings of red wine.

Today at in laws.

Leftover Turkey, Mrs V's sausage stuffing

Cheese board with port.

apparently there were some vegetables along the way.