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3rd February 2017, 17:20
Chamber pot that lets Britons express their opinion of Napoleon goes under the hammer
A CHAMBER pot dating from the 19th century with a 3D figure of Napoleon Bonaparte fixed into it has come to light

A bust of Napoleon in a chamber pot lets Britons express opinion - now for auction | UK | News | Express.co.uk (http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/762798/chamber-pot-lets-Britons-express-opinion-of-Napoleon-goes-under-hammer)

Recall when I was on contract in Cambridge (?) a nearby pet shop was selling dog bones that looked like Blair. Nice to show contempt for some public figures when we are unfortunately not allowed to shoot them. So who would you like to have painted inside your lavatory bowl or dustbin?

Ken Clarke, Prince Charles or Jean-Claude Juncker would probably be my choices.

3rd February 2017, 17:27
I'd add Emily Thornberry and all LibDems to your otherwise fine list.

3rd February 2017, 19:01
I remember Maggie bog roll.


3rd February 2017, 19:41
David Camoron. Komrade Korbyn.

3rd February 2017, 21:25
A couple of boxes of this arrived the other day. One can't think whose e-bay account that might have been ordered from :glasses