View Full Version : Expenses in the Public Sector - mentioned in HMRC doc just published after the Budget

8th March 2017, 14:06
"As a result of feedback received during the technical consultation, it will be optional for the agency or public sector body to take account of the worker’s expenses when calculating the tax due. This change would put these workers in the same position as other employees, whose employers can choose whether or not to reimburse the expenses they incur."


Not sure what this will mean in practice - any thoughts?

8th March 2017, 14:07
It means Tarbera wins the who is best at lobbying game....

8th March 2017, 14:10
It means that if you're inside IR35 you really should be negotiating with your client that they pick up the tab for your expenses. After all, they're avoiding countless other tax and permie obligations.