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12th March 2017, 23:28
I went for an interview for a local 3 week upgrade project at a small managed services company as I'm on the bench (rates were nothing special ). Turned out they had already done the upgrade and the system was slower. They asked if I had seen this issue before and exactly how I would tackle it. I told them I was confident I could improve it and gave them a general description of my approach.

They then switched to discussing that they had not used a contractor before and didn't want to upset their permies. They suggested cutting the agency out. I said I couldn't do that but they could contact me directly for any future work and if the problem was fixed they could always terminate early.

Didn't get the role as I didn't have a clear enough plan. All this for 3 weeks contract! Fairly sure I'd have fixed it in half a day :rollin:

13th March 2017, 00:41