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17th March 2017, 23:30
Glasgow man tries to get intimate with CEMENT MIXER | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4324216/Bizarre-moment-man-tries-intimate-CEMENT-MIXER.html)

'I thought it was a burd': Bizarre moment a man tries to get intimate with a CEMENT MIXER because he thinks it's a woman's bottom
A bizarre clip of a man trying to get intimate with a cement mixer has emerged
The unidentified Glaswegian tells the cameraman he 'thought it was a burd'
The man confesses he's 'not got brains' and said he thought he was touching her bottom

18th March 2017, 10:17
If he'd climbed in he'd have fallen head over heels in love!


18th March 2017, 17:26
Not sure I'd fancy that but I did really fancy a Coco De Mer seed at a local centre. Just as well it was behind glass or I'd have got myself arrested.

Do a Google image for Coca de Mer and you've got some real porn!