View Full Version : Home Office U-turn on IR35 classfications results in... can you guess the rest?

10th April 2017, 07:19

The treatment of contractors in this story is appalling. Imagine the relieve of being ruled outside with just weeks to go before the 6 April deadline, only for that to be overturned at the 11th hour.

Home Office U-turn over IR35 contractor classifications prompts IT project delay fears (http://www.computerweekly.com/news/450416469/Home-Office-U-turn-over-IR35-contractor-classifications-prompts-IT-project-delay-fears)

Like everyone warned the public sector for months ahead of the reforms coming in, IR35 will lead to good contractors who follow the tax rules to the letter walking out, and now -with Brexit on the horizon - it looks like the government might start to realise just what it is they've lost!

10th April 2017, 07:23
They don't want contractors to follow tax rules to the letter, they want contractors to comply with what they believe is the "spirit" of the law (ie maximise tax take).

Andy Hallett
10th April 2017, 08:49
Certainly saw a few clients U-turn last week, based upon order from on-high or finance and HR jumping in late on.

10th April 2017, 09:19
No surprise at all...

I'm afraid that our prediction is coming to pass that agencies and PSBs have been 'optimistic' (read 'lying') in their assurances to many contractors that they were outside IR35.

They only told you that to stop you from handing in your notice all at once.

There will be many more contractors in your position over the coming weeks.

11th April 2017, 12:02
Let them suffer I say, if they're going to treat us this badly then let our feet do the talking and walk.

I'm back in the private sector about a year in PS and I wouldn't consider going back into PS for a while.

I have a chuckle to myself when I'm getting loads of voicemails from agents about PS roles coming up