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10th April 2017, 19:47

I know there's so many iterations of this post / scenario but would be grateful for views. I left a PS role in mid March due to all the uncertainty and due to the risk of a retrograb. I'd been there for nearly two years, on different projects. I've been on the bench since - four weeks.

Anyway, they've asked me to go back for a short (five weeks) piece of work from next week. I've asked why they want me and not a regular [same job title as me] from their team and it's because I have different skills / abilities.

I've not yet discussed this offer with them, nor with the agency. My previous contract wasn't assessed by them, as I'd handed in my notice. I did ask (by email or SMS) what the status of this five week contract will be and have been told it's outside but until I speak to them I don't know what's behind that statement.

What do I need to watch out for here? Anything additional/ different for having left four weeks ago?

10th April 2017, 21:02
I guess the factual answer is if you were outside before and they say outside this time then you should be OK.

That said you sound like what HMRC were after. Reasonably long time just being moved from job to job which looks a bit permie'esque. I can't imagine this one will just be for 5 weeks looking at the history. They will just give you another job and you are back to being a pseudo permie... Caught by the 24 month rule as well of course.

So rules say you should be OK. Situation (should they give you another piece of work etc) doesn't look right IMHO. Interesting to see others take on it

Make sure the agent and client appear well versed with the new regs and get it all in writing.

10th April 2017, 23:01
5 weeks PS work? Take min salary and bang the rest into your pension when IR35 becomes a moot point