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10th December 2003, 12:02
I am about to start my 1st contract after 16 years as a permie within IT. Nnoticed www.kbaccountancygroup.com/index2.html (http://www.kbaccountancygroup.com/index2.html) linked to Contractuk.com Never heard of them, then again never heard of most providing this service.

Can they be trusted?

Has anyone here had dealings with them?

The agency also recommended a few others.




Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

10th December 2003, 13:31
Overlord if you are giving up permament work to go contracting then I would suggest you use an accountant/limited company rather than the rather unsatisfactory umbrella route.
If you think your contracting career doesn't warrant this then may I respectfully suggest you stick to permanent work.
We get a lot of posts on this forum from newbies harping on about which umbrella to join and then complaining bitterly about the costs and effectiveness of these companies, once they have joined them.
The writing is on the wall boys - all you need to do is read it !!

10th December 2003, 14:33
After nearly 15 years @ previous job I didn't leave through choice I was redundant when company closed our section within UK operation. This is my 1st role since leaving. I haven't had much dealings with accountants and wouldn't like to get bogged down running a company from the outset. Who knows, Maybe later!

10th December 2003, 14:54
Redundancy - bummer - nothing much to lose having a crack at contracting for a bit then?
Don't be afraid of the accountancy/ltd thing - it really is a doddle with the right accountant and there are a few around. I've never met my acountant and everything is dealt with through the post - I post off one letter a month, typically with a copy of my business bank statement, invoices and an expense sheet - that's it!
Umbrella companies are an expensive PAYE service and even if you are inside IR35 they cannot claim as many expenses as a limited company/accountant.

www 1staccountancy biz
10th December 2003, 15:08
Overlord, antag. is quite correct. Provided you get an accountant that will help you through the set up and provide you with assistance as & when required then it's not an issue.

There isn't much to running a limited company and most accountants will do much of the donkey work & include it in their monthly fee.....which tends to be cheaper than a brolly. :D

10th December 2003, 18:47
antag & 1st. Thanks for replies will investigate further once I settle in. Been out of work for 5 months acting as housekeeper & babysitter (Not so good @ family planning yet alone managing my own firm :o )

Redundancy package helped pay off mortgage so not too bitter about leaving just wished it hadn't dragged on as long as it did.

Redundancy notice period added another year to my sentence!!!!!!!

Luckily wife has been back @ work after maternity leave to keep things ticking over.

www 1staccountancy biz
10th December 2003, 21:09
Overlrod....must be a tricky time of year for you, good luck with the contract & hope it all works out for you.

11th December 2003, 15:23

Shift work was nothing compared to looking after 3 todlers below age of 5. Glad to be working after this experience! Wasn't easy arranging interviews around my tight schedule but got there in the end. Can't w8 to C back of 2003.