View Full Version : Theresa May gives further detail on running through the fields of wheat

7th June 2017, 12:58

She was wearing kitten heels!

Pip in a Poke
7th June 2017, 13:05
*cough* (http://forums.contractoruk.com/general/58543-trip-nene-valley-railway-cambs.html#post1182626)

It quickly came to our attention that this would mean crossing a field of wheat which had no apparent public thoroughfares traversing it and while I am normally a very thorough adherent of the countryside code I regret to say that we threw caution to the wind on this occassion and off we gambolled through the field down to the track. The sensation of wheat brushing against my legs reminded me of my schooldays and my art teacher, Mr. Joachim, who used to tell me how he liked to run nude through crop fields and revel in the sensation of the ears of wheat ticking his lower body.