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22nd June 2017, 09:01
Working inside IR35 for the Public Sector.

Obviously, my taxes have increased significantly.

I have weighed up the option of putting money on my mortgage (net of tax) or making additional pension contributions...At the moment I have not been making pension contributions because I made the opposite decision (to pay down the mortgage) when I was outside IR35.

So, how do I make pension contributions inside IR35 where my agency (or their accountant) deducts tax at source? Do I have to make them net of tax and claim the tax on my self-assessment? Or can I get the agency to take it into account?


22nd June 2017, 09:05
See the FAQ: http://forums.contractoruk.com/public-sector-ir35/120479-working-public-sector-faq-about-ir35.html#post2394879

And http://forums.contractoruk.com/public-sector-ir35/120479-working-public-sector-faq-about-ir35.html#post2394880