View Full Version : Admin, can we change 'Brexit' to 'Brilliant' and 'Remainer' to 'Ruminant'?

23rd June 2017, 13:04
I'm fed up with hearing the blasted words, both here and elsewhere, and CUK has this clever feature where words can be changed.

Also, my proposed substitute words seem a good fit, what with a Ruminant typically being a dull witted creature who repeatedly burps up their previous meals to chew them over and over again, and in some cases even eats their own droppings.

TIA :smokin

23rd June 2017, 13:05
What should Owlhoot be changed to?


23rd June 2017, 13:21
What should Owlhoot be changed to?


Snowflake - his delicate sensibilities obviously can't hack it, now that his dream of a prosperous free Britain is crumbling.

23rd June 2017, 16:29
Done that for you:

The xoggoth CUK hack (http://www.xoggoth.org/pages/xogcuk3.php)

Need to fix so works with link but at least General main page is sorted.

23rd June 2017, 16:29
How about "Brexit" to "Cluster****" and "Remainer" to "Smug bastard".

23rd June 2017, 20:37
Any CUK general post now has Brilliant instead of Brexit and 'Ruminant instead of Remainer.

General (http://www.xoggoth.org/pages/xogcuk4.php)

I have also changed "tax" to "theft" and Macron to "Macaroni cheese eating surrender monkey"

And xoggoth to xoggoth the genius.

Any other suggestions?

atW to Mad Squirrel?

23rd June 2017, 20:57
Changing user names makes avatars "Vbulletin". Can't be ar*d to sort that.

24th June 2017, 04:50
This is a great tool for the snowflakes. Less chance they'll see that something that upsets them. Poor dears. Of course it means their news bubble gets ever smaller while their ignorance and stupidity gets ever larger. But at least they won't :cry3: as much.

24th June 2017, 08:28
Hey! A couple more lines and I could ban admins!

Maybe not, I might get banned.

Hang on. If I was I could insert my own posts. And put lots of likes next to them!

All my friends in real life are imaginary after all.