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Paul Paranoia
4th December 2003, 14:35
Hi Y'all.

Can anyone point me i the direction of a Business to Business contract I can copy. I'm looking for a contract which is way, way outside of IR35.



4th December 2003, 16:26
the PCG have got some standard ones haven't they?

Paul Paranoia
4th December 2003, 16:57
They have.
But it's One Hundred pounds to join and I don't want to pay that much.
Do you know if they sell them to non-members for like £20 a go?

4th December 2003, 17:14
Try this:

www.tomslaw.com (http://www.tomslaw.com)

Best thing is - they're all free... However, if it all goes pear-shaped, I guess you get what you paid for!



Paul Paranoia
4th December 2003, 18:00
Thanks Incubus,

Their business to business contract doesn't seem to cover many of the things that IR35 investigations are based on though.

Anyone else know of a good b2b contract?

Paul Paranoia
5th December 2003, 14:59
Correct me if I'm wrong.

This site is full of clued up bussiness men who:

arrange their business affairs to fall outside the realms of IR35.
only work on business to business contracts which they obtined by marketing their companies.
don't rely on Dodgy Agency X to arrange their contracts.

If I'm right, there must be someone here who can supply me with a draft business to business contract. Don't tell me you all bend over and take IR35 with a smile on your faces!

9th December 2003, 14:06
I thik you'll find many have stumped up the money to pcg or others to have one done properly. £100 is not much compared to the cost of losing an ir35 investigation is it?

9th December 2003, 15:10
I thik

You missed the 'c' out Freshblue?

Paul Paranoia
9th December 2003, 15:19
That PCGs getting none of my cash!

Can someone else recommend an accountants or law firm who sell standard B2B contracts which are outside IR35?

9th December 2003, 15:45
Fork out a hundred bloody quid or pay a lawyer to draft it. For god's sake, what kind of business man are you? We have basically no overhead in this business, can rake in a pretty penny, and still have the nerve to whine about a 100quid investment.


James of Lawspeed
9th December 2003, 17:41
Lawspeed (http://www.lawspeed.com)

As a legal and commercial consultancy specialising in the contracting industry we are best placed to provide robust contract templates for use in a wide variety of sectors. Revenue-tested and industry-tested, with backup implementation advice.

Further details on our website (http://www.lawspeed.com/contractors/products_and_services.htm) or contact me directly

James - 01273 236236

Lawspeed Limited
legal insight, business instinct...

Paul Paranoia
9th December 2003, 18:23
Calm down Billy Boy.

Me asking for a recomendation should make you realise I'm willing to pay.

I just ain't paying that PCG lot a penny.

Also, I don't need it for a couple of months so I may as well see if I can get it for free first. Any business man can tell you that it is the responsibility of a company director to maximise share holder profits wherever possible.

And another thing, we don't all earn 50 quid an hour to throw around like ticker tape. You obviously do though!

9th December 2003, 22:10
CSi use Lawspeed contracts, so that's got to tell you something about how watertight they are......

James of Lawspeed
15th December 2003, 10:49
Thanks for your input there Dazza. There is no link between a company purchasing our contract templates and going into administration a year and a half later. Our contracts are widely used in the recruitment industry, and obviously some of these companies are more successful commercially than others.

James - 01273 236236

Lawspeed Limited
legal insight, business instinct...

15th December 2003, 14:16
Thats not what I meant James.

I was referring to the fact that their contracts are notoriously hard to break, even when they breach the contract on a weekly basis. I was not doubting your contracts, in fact it was a compliment.

Sorry, I had sarcasm mode turned on when I typed it.