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2nd July 2017, 13:41
Mexican mayor marries a crocodile bride | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4657124/Mexican-mayor-marries-CROCODILE-bride.html)

A snappy wedding ceremony: Mexican mayor marries a CROCODILE bride to 'bring luck' to local fishermen
Mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, Victor Aguilar took a crocodile to be his wife
The ceremony too place in the southern region of Oaxaca on Friday
It is an indigenous tradition to bring good fortune to local fishermen
The crocodile was baptised, dressed in white and had her jaws clamped shut
Tradition demands that the Mayor marries a new crocodile each year

thank goodness it was baptised....

2nd July 2017, 15:20
Wait for the wedding night

....if he survives that long....


2nd July 2017, 16:33
had her jaws clamped shut

Some on here would like a marriage like that.