View Full Version : Joint bank accounts - for 3 people.

18th December 2003, 17:06
Anyone know of any accounts that could be used for a syndicate of three people (similar in a way to a lottery syndicate)?

If all goes well, there may be a fair bit of money flowing through the account, and we want to make sure that our tax free earnings are not treated as taxable!

Also if any of you have any experience in convincing Hector that he is unable to touch our dosh, I'd be interested in having a chat.

www 1staccountancy biz
18th December 2003, 21:30
Most high street banks will open a club or treasury account which is operated free of charge..you could use one of these.

19th December 2003, 10:07
Morning Darren - up bright and early I see.

Having trouble sleeping?

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www 1staccountancy biz
19th December 2003, 21:31
Hi Fiddle...lots to do, tax season approaches and other things on the go!! ;)

21st December 2003, 01:05
Make sure you draw it up so you don't have responsibilities for the others debts!