View Full Version : A Brexit Positive!

12th July 2017, 11:07
As a remainer I'm clearly struggling to find any positives in Brexit. Well, one came to me today. As we'll no longer be in Europe, and may need Visas to travel in Europe, this may mean we'll start to get stamps in our passports again :happy Woo hoo, I am so chuffed :smokin If only Boris had put this on his bus I'd have been voting leave too :music:

12th July 2017, 14:06
I recommend the stamped passport should read "Let's give our NHS £350million instead"

Lambert Simnel
12th July 2017, 14:16
And exactly why would you want to go to Europe, traitor?

We have everything you would ever want here in the UK, or at least within Empire 2.0.