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16th December 2003, 09:34
I have asked my company (permie) for a copy of my references that they obtained from, previous employers prior to my comencing employment here. How ever they say that they are legally bound not to show me the references. Is this so?

16th December 2003, 21:42
you can use Data Protection Act that will force them to make copy of all personal info they have on you for no more than £10 - this might be viewed as a legitimate but unfriendly action tho.

17th December 2003, 20:17
Thought that would cover it. Unfriendly though it may be, it may be neccessary. Cheers At

embedded munich
17th December 2003, 21:37
What would prevent the employer from accidently 'loosing' the references from their file?

You may harm the relationship to the company without getting any information in return ...

17th December 2003, 22:06
anything can get lost but they will be committing criminal offence (might be wrong about criminal bit). They must have _something_ on your file as you were employed

19th December 2003, 17:16
How come you always seem to know so much about British law Atw? You are either a true Mastermind or.. you are making it all up as you go along.

19th December 2003, 19:16
Bit like the rest of us then.

And Indiana Jones...