View Full Version : Software product liability

4th January 2004, 21:52
Our new company and currently our sole product is now approved by Curriculum Online (Dept. of Education). Horribly long list of conditions we have to comply with including liability insurance against product defects, copyright disputes etc.

Anyone know of any good insurance companies in this area?

5th January 2004, 21:28
congrats xoggoth on milestone! I must say its interesting what they want - they should try to read EULA from Windows, Office and others - _NOTHING_ is guaranteed!

6th January 2004, 11:29
Ta atw. I certainly was under impression that under English law you were pretty much ok if you used all the usual disclaimers about consequential liability. I even added 'Not for sale outside the UK' just in case somebody from California brought a copy.

What with quarterly management accounts and sales summaries and hours of fun over the next week or so filling in 72 metatags (56 mandatory) on their website, am wondering if is worth it. Avoid any involvement with government in your own ventures, as if you needed telling!

6th January 2004, 21:05
found this site - www.legalpulse.co.uk/ (http://www.legalpulse.co.uk/) - they sell pretty cheap legal forms, including one for software. Dont know how good or bad but it might be a start, espcially considering they are pretty cheap.