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No 73434
14th November 2002, 11:45
Can someone comment on the precise dates involved for paying

1. Director NIC (employee) is required paying after tax year ends (6th April)??

2. Employers NIC (for Director only)

3. Director PAYE


Simon SJDaccountancy
15th November 2002, 12:23
All payable not later than 19th April following the tax year in which the salaries were paid.

The Revenue like you to pay these amounts monthly or quarterly, but currently there is no provision anywhere for charging interest or penalties on PAYE and NI as long as the full amount is paid by 19th April.

No 73434
21st November 2002, 11:12
cheers Simon SJD...

BTW, how much does your accountancy firm charge for contractor accounting...I went on your site but couldn't find prices.

Simon SJDaccountancy
22nd November 2002, 14:48
We charge £75 + VAT per month.

16th January 2004, 14:15
Re: £75 pm =VAT for Accounting services.
What does this include, and what info do you need from the Contractor ?

Simon SJDaccountancy
16th January 2004, 15:31
It includes pretty much everything (accounts, tax returns, personal tax, PAYE, PAYE returns, VAT returns, help and advice)

All we need from you is a completed spreadsheet once a quarter detailing your Company income and expenditure.

16th January 2004, 20:28
I believe you can also pay a director's bonus anytime up to the following January 31st.