View Full Version : Where did all the accountants go ?

Mark Snowdon
7th January 2004, 17:57
I cannot help noticing that the number of accountants posting has fallen rather dramatically. Is the tax return business really so big ?

Where are you all ?

www 1staccountancy biz
7th January 2004, 21:39
Hi Mark

Apologies for the lack of posts on the board...it's tax season & I think we're all a little busy for the next couple of weeks!

8th January 2004, 09:31
Not the time to be posting tax return questions then.

www 1staccountancy biz
8th January 2004, 09:42
I'm sure that any tax questions will be answered....personally, have managed to clear off just about all outstanding returns, just a couple of stragglers. :rolleyes

Simon SJDaccountancy
8th January 2004, 10:43
January is without any shadow of doubt the busiest time of year for accountants in practice so you may well notice a lack of posts this month!

roger rabbit
8th January 2004, 11:43
Best to avoid both personal tax and tax return work of any kind I find. :)

I stick to corporates and tax advice only.

That way you don't have any Jan deadline, or any deadline hassles at all.

11th January 2004, 18:35
> Best to avoid both personal tax
I certainly try to avoid as much of it as possible :)

On accountants posting ...
I suspect that the removal of sigs (which usually carried links or email addresses) has also removed some of the incentive to post - it's a drag added them manually to every post.

Simon SJDaccountancy
13th January 2004, 14:08
I suppose that could be a reason - most times though the whole idea behind coming here to post is to get the name better known which is easy enough via the name.

Once people like what you do/say they will be able to find us easy enough.

18th January 2004, 13:42
Well Simon, your ezboard profile contains an email address for anyone wishing to contact you - and you could fill in the "personal link" field if you wanted ;) - so things are not so bad !