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9th September 2003, 11:43
does anyone out there have any experience / knowledge or even workingin projects with IXOS-Obtree CMS .. ?

and 'no' im not a recruitment consultant ..

9th September 2003, 12:36
Yes .... Obtree Content Management .... just assisted implementation at a major LG site, and basically, I would avoid it like the plague.

There as massive problems with it as regards replication, search engine and many other areas which dont bear thinking about.

Their support is worse than anything I've ever experienced ... if there are other options I would look at those first

11th September 2003, 12:38
I have experience of Obtree C4 development.

Infact I am doing a C4 site using server-side javascript as we speak.

I would agree it is best avoided like the plague.

Buggy (especially replication and memory leaks like mad) and very counter intuitive to work with.

But, the rates are very nice....:D

11th September 2003, 14:24
hi, im also working on obtree development, in financial services.

i would like to know more about rates for Obtree work ..

Where are most of these projects implemented? Local Goverment?

Would be good to throw some ideas around as well?

can give you my personal adds if you would like to liase more.

i am obtree certified to content engineer level, and have 3 yrs experience of the system, upgrades and migration to C4 etc.

11th September 2003, 17:45
I'm a relative Obtree newbie.

My guess is that Obtree rates start at £400/day and go up to who knows?

I believe Obtree is liked by local governments and other civil service numptys.

Personally, I think the product is over techie and anything other than simple sites are a pain to create.

If you are looking for Obtree work, try:

Tony Kakouris
Real IT Resourcing Ltd
Tel: 020 8490 1919

He seems to come up with a lot of Obtree work, but I try and avoid it myself as I think the product is flawed.

16th January 2004, 01:36
I am not an employee of IXOS or any of its subsidiaries, but I do feel compelled to air a positive opinion.

There may be some flaws and bugs within the product, but I have found that if these are reported to either IXOS Engineering or the local IXOS office, the feedback is used to enhance and fix the product.

18th January 2004, 20:03
The product is getting better.

Still, I do feel it is over-complex for what many people want/need.

Just make sure you go through rigorous selection before settling on any big content management system.

22nd January 2004, 18:29
we have ixos at work.

the monkey boy contractors here who are at smb's won't know about it, it's only for bluechips and enterprise systems.


27th January 2004, 15:04
we have maangewd to secure funding for an upgrade on our existing Obtree C3 system.

the upgrade went smoothly, we find the C4 to be a good tool.

replication works well, just a little slow.
content management tools are much better, more usable and intuitive.
system seems to be much more stable.