View Full Version : Sharing dividends with wife

27th January 2004, 18:38
1) Does she have to be a director?

2) How do I go about giving her half my shares?
i.e. what forms, where do I get them etc?


www 1staccountancy biz
27th January 2004, 20:36
No she doesn't have to be a director... you will need a share transfer form to sign them over.

Have you taken advice about the S660 consequences?

27th January 2004, 21:04
If you look on the net you will probably find a stock transfer form to download, otherwise I've got one if you drop me an email. (This is for transfer of the shares you already have, not further issue). Just fill in and keep it, no need to send it anywhere, .Put shares held on your next shuttle form.

Debbie Reinvented
27th January 2004, 21:50
I agree with Darren, you should definitely take advice about the possible consequences of s660

28th January 2004, 00:09
Have not taken advice, but have looked into it.

S660 seems to be like IR35, a tree shaking excercise.

My wife is already employed with the company,
and is also my accountant, so IR can piss off.

28th January 2004, 09:41
If your wife is also your accountant, why did you have to ask the question here? Surely as an accountant she would know which forms to complete!!

28th January 2004, 11:47
Because it doesn't harm to confirm things with the super
people from contractoruk, who've been there, done that.

28th January 2004, 14:44
Ah yes, but have they still got the t-shirt?