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26th January 2004, 19:21
If a company is not caught by ir35 and paid out dividends, what does the director need to put on their tax form for question 10.15-10.17?

Is it just the amount of dividend paid in the Dividends/distribution column, or do you need to put something in the tax credit column as well?

Or does it go somewhere else on the income tax form entirely?

Debbie Reinvented
26th January 2004, 23:40
amount received is the net dividend and goes in the first column

1/9th of that is the tax credit and goes in the tax credit column

total of the two is the gross dividend and goes in the third column.

It is the gross dividend that is added to your total income. If your total income exceeds £34.5k then the excess will be taxable at higher rates.

27th January 2004, 10:54
Thanks very much!

Debbie Reinvented
27th January 2004, 11:59
no probs. glad I could help

15th February 2009, 20:12
Would you consider doing our tax returns, and if so how much would you charge?

16th February 2009, 18:52
Wow, 5 year old post and no longer a member. Is it really that hard to find an accountant?