View Full Version : ITAccounting - Can't access my client area

25th January 2004, 14:03
Help ..........

Keep getting "Cannot find server or DNS Error" and of course it's the weekend so there's no one answering the phone.

Emails have been bounced back as well.

Is anybody else having the same problem? Is anybody else able to access their stuff. I need to get my VAT entries in.

25th January 2004, 18:51
Not with them but tried www.itaccounting.co.uk just to see if they are with the same useless keep their clients in the dark hosting bastards as me cos I can't access either of my websites either but it is fine. Are you still having probs?

25th January 2004, 19:00
Yep, still no access to the secure areas. Your right the main website is okay but not our bits. somebody on the gen forum said the it dept has gone and the servers with them ... sounds really sh1t. how do I get my vat accounts done by the end of the month? If it's true - it stinks - thought they advertised personal service - how do you get service if they all gone home.

Debbie ITAccounting Online
25th January 2004, 22:11
pleae see my comments on General Forum.

AmeliaAirhead, you should contact Dena Chaddeton on the ITA freephone number 0800 169 3043 tomorrow.I'm sure she will be able to answer all your questions.

If not, please feel free to contact me at deborah.lane@btopenworld.com.

If I can help,I will

king contractor
29th January 2004, 16:36
Have you heard of Liberty Accounts? They offer a superb online accounting solution which I use through my accountant.