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30th January 2004, 17:32
What paperwork does a ltd company need to keep when
passing a dividend to its shareholders...

Does anything need to be filed with anyone?

Mark Snowdon
30th January 2004, 19:36

but all I do is make a note in the minutes for the board meeting which passed the dividend and record it in the accounts. (actually I am fibbing about the minute book - I keep meaning to have one but...)

With the old ACT regime you had to submit forms when the divi was issued but now it just needs to go in the accounts when they go to ch and IR.

(Now someone will tell me im doing it all wrong !)

1st February 2004, 10:48
Agree about minutes (though can find no actual legal requirement to do it) but more important, you need to issue a tax certificate to each shareholder. If IR look into your tax return think these are what they will want to see.NAA but think needs to show date, who to, net divi, gross divi (net/0.9) and tax credit (=gross-net).

PS Mark. You are just the unspeakably criminal type not to have a company plaque outside your door either.

1st February 2004, 15:32
Does it have to be brass, Xogg?

1st February 2004, 16:33
For best effect - yes. A plastic one could be a 'disguised plaque' and required to pay NI (Notice immoluments).

1st February 2004, 16:37
Damn, I'll have to take the depleted uranium one down then....