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24th September 2003, 22:02
Has anyone out there worked in Switzerland? I have been told I will have to use a swiss management company and take home something like 65% of the contract rate ,the 'advantage' being that I will not be taxable eslewhere.

Sounds similar to the situation mentioned in the 'working in holland ' post below , but are the rules similar ? Can I use the same companies mentioned there ?

Or simply can someone share their experience?;)

25th September 2003, 08:11
In a word, yes. I've just completed 6 months there. The Swiss are very beurocratic. The Authorities will expect you to have health insurance (you can organise that here though) and work insurance (payment while you're off ill...).

You will also need to organise a work permit for the canton that you are living in (cost about 80CHF/40GBPish) within 8 days of you starting work.

You will get money back at the end of the contract though (LPP - can't remember what it stands for).

Oh and you're going to need a bank account. The Post Office does a good one, but if you're going to rent an appartment you're going to need a bank that will let you place the deposit in a special account. The Post Office doesn't do that but most other banks do.

The important point to remember?


I know, the UK agent I was working for initially 'forgot' to mention all of this to me the first time I worked there... >: , I was only able to stay 'cos the client begged the authorities that I was "super critical to the project".

take a look at this website Info on Switzerland (http://www.cagi.ch/en/Assurancemaladie.htm)

25th September 2003, 14:33
Thanks Jacko, good site btw.

Can you recommend a good swiss management company ? ie. one that can minimise the 30% or so tax ?


25th September 2003, 16:55
You need to look at how much commission they charge, rather than the tax they minimise (the Swiss are very fair and expect everybody else to be the same i.e. 'cough up the money'). I went thru a small company attached to the client, they charged me 5% of contract. I'll ask them if they do 'outsiders'. Can't promise anything though...

Contact me thru the Ezboard message facility (click my name).

Debbie ITAccounting Online
25th September 2003, 18:39
Worked through Talisman for six weeks. They were great - found me an apartment, took me to meet the client first day etc.

They sorted out permits, tax, social security etc.

Can't fault them.

26th September 2003, 08:06
There you go Steeed, a cast iron recommendation from a regular! (Wished I'd asked the same question last year debbie, how was Portugal btw?)

28th September 2003, 10:29
Good advice girls.

I can recommend Talisman. I haven't used them myself, but I know from colleagues that they are a decent bunch.

I can assure you that with a decent agency, you really do not have to worry overmuch about "Swiss bureaucracy"
You get the forms, fill 'em in (with the agency's help - they'll be in French, German, or Italian, depending on where you are), and the system works. You will need to take along your contract too, so that they see you have gainful employment here.

Do take the precaution of taking photocopies of work permit related stuff before handing them over when you register, as it will probably take several weeks to get the official replacement. Also grab the phone number and address of where you register in case of any queries.

They can also be somewhat picky about health insurance. One colleague was pestered every year because he was with BUPA, and they really wanted him to use a Swiss insurance company (Krankenkasse in the German speaking bit). Another colleague had even more hassle because his wife and kid are in Germany and are covered by a policy he has there, but the authorities were trying to insist that he got Swiss cover for them as well.

It may all sound hard, but it really isn't if you abide by the rules.

If you drop me a private mail, I'll be happy to answer more questions.

And oh Jacko! If only you had let us know at the time, better advice would have been forthcoming.

Debbie ITAccounting Online
29th September 2003, 10:57
There you go Steeed, a cast iron recommendation from a regular! (Wished I'd asked the same question last year debbie, how was Portugal btw?)

Portugal was great. Weather perfect, in the middle of nowhere. Good food, good wine, lots of time dossing around the swimming pool.

29th September 2003, 11:21
Yep, you're right Cupholder. Problem was I didn't know what I didn't know (if you know wot I mean...). I know I should have asked here, but there y'go...|I

29th September 2003, 20:43
Thanks all!

So Talisman seems to be a possibility . Do they have a website? Tried searching , but no results .

1st October 2003, 07:37
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