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24th February 2003, 19:03
Has anyone ever heard of these companies and are they valid/viable propositions? I'm hoping to move into the contracting field and these companies claim to maximize your contract value.
Any information will be greatly appreciated!

24th February 2003, 19:27
Never heard of 'em, any url's for us to look at?

24th February 2003, 19:40
yeah sure.

24th February 2003, 22:08
The first one looks a bit iffy, ever read the CFP/Dignatio thread on here? I'm sure the accountants on here will advise better tho, not sure how the other one works but does not look as bad.

Simon SJDaccountancy
25th February 2003, 10:39
You have two choices really - umbrella or own Ltd Company.

Umbrella's all work in the same way (despite what they may advertise!), and fees range from £40 a month to up to 6% of earnings. Look for service levels, and make sure they keep your money in trust, just in case.

25th February 2003, 10:48
Umbrellas don't all work in the same way. I can think of 3 variations off the cuff:

1. Offshore/EBT/Avoid IR35 schemes


3. Composite

25th February 2003, 11:10
Thankx for the advice, I will try and get more information if I can

Simon SJDaccountancy
25th February 2003, 14:30
Sorry, should have been more specific:

"You have two sensible choices really - umbrella or own Ltd Company.