View Full Version : The Its the Weekend Thread

13th April 2018, 08:01
Happy Friday. Whats everyone up to ?

13th April 2018, 08:11
Thanks for asking.
Gardening tomorrow (Hopefully), maybe dialling in the new scope.
Sunday afternoon band practice for a gig on Monday night.

What about you?

13th April 2018, 08:21
Saturday is catching up with mates
Sunday is kids football and a family wedding in Central London. :(

13th April 2018, 10:00

Dinner this evening here (https://www.noize-restaurant.co.uk/)
Lunch tomorrow here (https://www.thewhitehartpirbright.co.uk/)
Sunday, nada

13th April 2018, 10:31
Far cry 5

13th April 2018, 12:58
No idea actually. Had a crap flight from White Plains to Ronald Reagan yesterday (3 hour wait for a 1 hour flight!) and will be working today to catch up. Will probably go into DC tomorrow as the Spy Museum (https://www.spymuseum.org/) is quite interesting (and can get interesting books and gifts for Junior D.) I think Sunday maybe a day of R'n'R somewhere in the Arlington area and as the weather has suddenly turned nice, I suspect a BBQ might be planned. On the other hand, I might pretend to be Farage and go visit the chap in charge here :laugh

Not me: Serial cheque dodger runs from bar bill for $1200 whiskey (http://twistedfood.co.uk/serial-cheque-dodger-runs-from-bar-bill-for-1200-whiskey/)

13th April 2018, 13:04
Rugby lunch Saturday to build the funds for the up coming tour..

Sunday - Can't remember there ever being one after a rugby dinner.

Laughing Gravy
13th April 2018, 14:45
Down to B&Q to browse bomb shelters

13th April 2018, 14:52

Saturday is just a quiet lunch with some friends and might need to do some lab work.

Sunday is, hopefully, putting up a temporary car garage so I can finally get our old Beetle out of storage. (You didn't think my name was about nasty modern cars, did you!)

13th April 2018, 15:14
Down to B&Q to browse bomb shelters

Great - let us know what you find!

14th April 2018, 19:34
Beautiful weather here. Walked down the Mall and watched the demo and then a rather uninspiring Chinatown. It's so nice I have actually started to get a tan, BBQ tonight then...

14th April 2018, 19:42
charity gig this afternoon for MFA, lot's of good kids there, one young 'un asked me to sign a snare head FFS! - touched i was :eek

14th April 2018, 20:33
Visit to England for the first time in a year. Seeing old friends and enjoying the weather. Eating and drinking too much. TFA.