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15th February 2004, 21:13
Hi All,

Am I right in thinking that contracting in Jersey has the same tax implications as contracting in the UK?

If not , what are the differences? Any tax advantages? Is it wise to use UK Limited Co?

Can anyone reccomend a good , trustworthy reasonably priced accountant whilt Jersey expertise?


Ken Hansen
15th February 2004, 22:23
The last I heard was that you must declare but do not pay tax on money earned outside the UK until the money is brought into the UK. For that purpose Jersey and the Channel Islands are outside th UK. So, check on this and keep whatever you can invested outside the UK while you can and perhaps bring it in as a dividend instead of fees.

15th February 2004, 22:37
...thanks Ken ,

I read somewhere that you have to pay tax on any income earned in Jersey @ 20% . I am non Jersey resident and planning to use a UK limited company..

Has anyone out there been in a similar situation?

Or are there any clever accountants out there that can offer suggestions - and perhaps win the accounting business for this?