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4th February 2004, 08:57
Under Uk law can directors and secretaries be companies or must they be "Natural" person(to use a legal phrase)? I ask this question as I have noticed both composite companies using companies as Directors forr operating companies and co formation firms doing the same.

So what is the allowed

www 1staccountancy biz
4th February 2004, 13:37
It's perfectly legal for company's to be directors, company secs or shareholders.

People tend to use it to either protect themselves further or to provide an extra degree of anonimity (Fiddle..sorry for the speeelllliiinnngg).

4th February 2004, 21:02
how can that provide extra degree of anonimity if all company information is available for a fiver from the Companies House? I have purchased myself a few reports there and was horrified that anyone can obtain detailed shareholding structure, names, addresses and annual accounts of any private company!!!

www 1staccountancy biz
4th February 2004, 21:03
Depends on where the company is registered.....

One example would be several of our clients are directors of company's based in the Virgin Islands. They in turn use this company as a director/shareholder to register a UK company in which they put their yacht/boat....something to do with the protection of flying the "Red Ensign" and insuring through Lloyds of London I believe!

There are also those who use our nominee service whereby we have a company that will act as director/shareholder/co sec....we then sign a power of attorney to the client. This ensures the privacy of the client & they don't show up at companies house.