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18th May 2018, 15:03
As part of being a new contractor I'm obviously looking at insurance.

Firstly, I see Hiscox as being the main insurer but I wondered if anyone has had a good experience with Qdos?

Secondly and more to the point, what are the views on taking out insurance to help protect against any IR35 investigations?

I have found this https://www.contractoruk.com/insurance/ir35_insurance.html from Qdos which looks interesting.

18th May 2018, 15:32
Why have you posted this under Public Sector IR35? Are you on a Public Sector contract? Is it IR35 caught? If it is and you are going through a brolly you won't need insurances... Let's assume you just posted in the wrong part for the forum for the moment...

I've got PI/PL from QDOS as have many people. I am sure I'll never have to claim on it so I'm not overly concerned who I am with as long as they are reputable. I also have TLC35 but there are other options.
Have a look at IPSE+ membership which also covers IR35 issues as well as other benefits. It's a no brainer IMO but I have the TLC35 for belt and braces. That said with recent HMRC losses I'm thinking two sets of cover is too much now. Up to you and your appetite for risk.

For the price compared to the possible time, heartache and cost of an investigation you'd be stupid not to take it just to sleep soundly. People may not agree as HMRC haven't won a bloody think in awhile BUT the recent win was by a guy that's been investigated twice and was represented by QDOS. Would it have been the same if he hadn't had insurance? Who knows... but for 250 quid a year I ain't gonna be the one to find out.

All this is about dealing with an investigation. Better to try and avoid it. Learn about IR35 and apply that learning every day. Get your contract checked, get some insurance out with whoever and you shouldn't get a knock on the door. If you do then your cover kicks in.

18th May 2018, 15:54
Apologies, I just saw it as somewhere to post about IR35. I'll remember in future.

Thanks for the comprehensive answer. I think that just about covers everything so thank you.