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15th December 2003, 15:51
Just heard that the above are in big bother at Group level..

15th December 2003, 23:00
There is a story going around our site that they are in receivership. I'm not sure of any details or whether it is true or not.

www 1staccountancy biz
16th December 2003, 13:36
The group company is currently in administration with several mor local offices going down the same route.

The administrator isn't giving out much info other than something to do with restructuring seems a little strange but he did say that they aren't looking to sell the business at this stage.

16th December 2003, 14:02
There is a link on this site with more info too....
www.namesfacesplaces.com/...hotopage=0 (http://www.namesfacesplaces.com/html/view_news_article.asp?id_no=1312&photopage=0)

10th January 2004, 16:00
I have been discussing using 360 group, so far only by email. Not knowing of the state they were in, I had confirmed by email that I was happy to go ahead using thier services.

I have not received and therefore not yet signed the paper contract that they need to send me, to put the agreement in place finally.

Can I still change my mind and use someone else?


www 1staccountancy biz
11th January 2004, 14:53
You shouldn't have a problem changing from 360.

Would this be for the umbrella or accountancy services?

12th January 2004, 17:49
It would have been for the umbrella.

14th January 2004, 18:22
Does anyone know the latest with the group or know what's happening with Hyperlink Services?

I got paid late in December (and it was incorrect) and more problems this month. Didn't get paid yesterday and have been given the runaround. Hyperlink say the invoices from Best haven't cleared. Now they say that I should get 2 or the 3 weeks due to me on Monday. Also waiting for 4 months holiday pay.

How best to get what's owed to me and move my business elsewhere?

15th January 2004, 11:47
Spring/Best have a few admin problems right now but I would still be worried re 360 - get out would be my advice.

15th January 2004, 13:07
Are Hyperlink also part of 360 group?

John Galt
15th January 2004, 14:28
Are Hyperlink also part of 360 group?


Unfortunately, I think they are, yes |I

15th January 2004, 14:55
A friend of mine, who is also concerned about this, has asked for a face-to-face discussion with them about it.

I guess that if there is nothing to hide, they will agree to this.

16th January 2004, 11:40
Here is our interview with the guy who runs 360 Group, Brian Keegan where he sets out to explain what has happened:-

www.namesfacesplaces.com/...hotopage=0 (http://www.namesfacesplaces.com/html/view_article.asp?id_no=1322&photopage=0)

21st January 2004, 12:49

I'm currently contracting thru spring/hyperlink. I've not been paid so i contracted spring who blame hyperlink for not invoicing. Hyperlink, have been giving me the runaround for 2 days now, not replying to emails and noone being available to take calls. So, assuming that spring aren't lying, and hyperlink haven't invoiced, does this mean that if hyperlink never invoice, because they go out of business, that I'll never get paid? Can't i just ask another company to act on my behalf?

21st January 2004, 17:02
Larfaminute - Have a chat with OrangeGenie about your options.

NFP - where is the article?

21st January 2004, 17:38
You should ask your Spring agent to help you chase this up and do everything you can to get hold of your Hyperlink account manager. Your Spring agent should be able to give you a contact.

I've had problems getting hold of people at Hyperlink when I didn't get paid last week but you really need to speak to the people in payroll and finance to find out what's gone on.

Get your problem in writing to both the agency and to Hyperlink. If no joy, spell it out and warn them you will take legal action. Be persistent!

21st January 2004, 17:49
One thing... Spring are buggered admin wise at the moment but they are a very cash rich company so your money should be safe, but as other people have stated be persistent. Your problem is compounded by using Hyperlink by the sound of it!

22nd January 2004, 12:29
I emailed the following

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the lack of service provided by your company. I have dealt with your Leeds office for two years and now that it has closed down I have not received notification of either the Leeds office closure, or a replacement point of contact.

I have made numerous telephone calls and sent emails requesting information about the payment of invoice XXXXX dated December 2003. My telephone calls have been fielded by your receptionist with promises of a return call that has not been forthcoming.

I hereby request that all outstanding monies (including “Holiday” pay) be paid into my account forthwith by CHAPS with the relevant deduction for the service and a P45 to be issued. Failure to comply forthwith will result in my issuing legal proceedings against your organisation.

Yours sincerely,


For good measure, I faxed it to all of the fax machines listed on the 360-group web page (got bounced by a couple of sites).

Lo and behold, money in account the following day!

Spod - In "HTH" mode!

16th February 2004, 11:38
As a contractor that uses Hyperlink services, I must say it beggars belief the arrogance of the 360 Group. The blasé manner that they have about going into administration. They say that business hasn't been affected, personally I couldn’t get a phone call or e-mail returned from Early December until nearly the end of January and I’m still awaiting payment from November. The apathy amongst their staff indicated all cannot be well. Personally I can no longer trust a company that won’t pay me correctly, and finds it acceptable to go into administration rather than pay a lease THEY agreed to!