View Full Version : Does Accountant for Private Company have to be qualified?

Ken Hansen
15th February 2004, 21:06
I have been advised that a "practising certificate" should be held by all company accountants - could anyone advise me on the legal requirements as I thought a small private company did not even need an audit.

16th February 2004, 08:28
No, you can keep the books yourself if you want (my understanding, proper accountants might tell you why employing them is desirable tho' ;) )

16th February 2004, 09:34
Indeed. Any idiot can set up as a practicing accountant and solicit business from others too. Most of them do.

17th February 2004, 19:47
Only for audit work does the Accountant need to qualified, and even then in reality its only the person signing off the audit that needs to be qualified.

Sadly even the Rochdale Swamp Donkey could set up as a practicing accountant as long as they didn't call themselves a chartered or certified accountant, or try and sign off audit work.

....I've know of small practices getting the partners of another local practice to sign off audits for this very reason ;)

Now in reality you couldn't get a decent Accountancy job in Industry or Practice without being qualified, but you could setup your own Accountany business :)

18th February 2004, 16:07
> Now in reality you couldn't get a decent Accountancy job in Industry or Practice without being qualified

Judging from comments by roger on the temps his mob take on their main qualification requirement is big jugs. :)

18th February 2004, 18:07
So you're saying that unless they have big tits or a beer belly no one gets a job at RR's ;)

roger rabbit
18th February 2004, 18:17
We had one woman here who did a passable impression of Jabba the Hut, but she's gone - 2 girls have taken over the space she used to occupy.

19th February 2004, 07:17
> a beer belly

this is a bit unfair on poor roger.

I have mental pictures of each poster on this board. I see roger as being just like a bloke I used to work with - rather dapper, professional looking type, smartly turned out, looks the part, etc. etc. - he was a pr@t too :)

roger rabbit
19th February 2004, 10:18
Gawd fiddle, you are an astute judge of people.

I have the advantage on what you look like, however, thanks to the picture of you and Rhino out on the piss that you emailed to me:

fiddle and rhino enjoy a few beers (http://www.unca.edu/studyabroad/images/cambridgelynx.jpg)

19th February 2004, 10:25
Bit early for you isn't it roger? I thought you didn't venture forth until the streets were well aired.

Yes I remember that day vividly - that clumsy git Rhino trod on my banjo :(

BTW - this is only a flying visit - I've got a load of work to do.