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24th February 2004, 12:12

I was finishing contract on a Friday, mate who I had worked with before & knew I was coming available and & arranged and interview for me with his client on the Friday - which was successful & I started on the following Monday.
Late on that Friday afternoon I received a call from a large well known agency confirming the Monday start & rate. (and a subsequent e-mail).

After a week the contract turned up...but it was in my other companies name (I have 2) which I share with a fellow contractor to do a particular line of work.

After many conversations & e-mails (we are now 6 weeks into the assignment) to get this corrected the last message was...

"Because XXX is an active company, we need to go through the process of shutting down the initial contract and COFA, creating a new contract and COFA, etc. And we do need a director of XXX (e.g. the accountant?) to confirm that the XXX contract is null and void, BEFORE we set up a new contract."

I replied that this was a bit of a palaver and how about we both put this down to experience & assign to another agency...I don't see why this should be so difficult & being stroppy what would happen if I sent a

"unless I receive in the next two days a correct contract I will deem that no contract exists between XXXX agency & any of my companies" and assign to another of the agencies operating here

Anyone been through this before?

28th February 2004, 11:29
Did you sign the original contract? If not, presumably they think a contract exists because you've started work. But why do they assume it's between one company and not the other?

I had something similar in that I started an extension and wanted to change companies. It took the agency 3 weeks, but they just asked for the old contract back, presumably binned it, and sent me a new one. So I worked for 3 weeks without a contract, and had a month without pay, but once they'd got the new contract, they paid the back-pay and resumed normal weekly payments.

It didn't seem to be a problem. I hope you work it out.