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25th September 2003, 11:02
Anyone use, know of, can recommend any local accountants to the Brighton and Mid Sussex area that deal with IT contractors?

Darren U
25th September 2003, 11:06
Orange....no need to restrict yourself to the Brighton area. :D

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25th September 2003, 11:34
Darren - you beat me to it for a change.;)

Orangehopper - Why do you need an accountant close to your area?

I have been dealing with my accountant for 2.5 years now and know the five staff well. Communication is by e-mail or phone and I can always get hold of someone when I need to. They are geared up for remote communication and can be relied upon to service enquiries during working hours - I don't think this would necessarily be true of an office oriented accountant.

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25th September 2003, 12:04
Ok, let see if I can keep this brief because time is limited at moment.

I do all my own paye, vat, double entry books. Only use accountant for end of year returns. Could probably do end of year stuff but always like third party check with awareness of changes in taxation etc.

Used to have second string to business (dtp) with large amounts of paperwork. Eventhough thid side has died still want flexibility to do as I please regarding additional business and may not necessarily fit into pure IT contractor model.

Not sure, but could be convinced otherwise, that l like the service provided by some of the specialist IT contractor accountants. Seems you have to complete their monthly spreadsheets to ensure they can do vat, paye, end of year etc. In my case this would be in addition to own books.

So, I believe my ideal is local accountant who I can give my books to at end of year to do returns while being on hand to answer my odd (usually a couple a year) questions. Of course, this must cost less than £1000 per year.

My current reason for considering change is my current accountant has been swallowed up by Baker Tilly which has meant a 2 fold increase in fees for simply doing my end of year returns.

Any suggestions?

25th September 2003, 12:16
Orangehopper - I can see where you're coming from but imagine my accountant would be able to help.

When you have the time and if you are interested, send me an e-mail explaining your additional requirements in brief on the link below. I will pass this on to my accountant who will contact you direct.

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Debbie ITAccounting Online
25th September 2003, 18:42
We could help with the scenario you described. Our service is aimed at monthly records / VAT returns for IT contractors but we also provide an annual accounting service for IT related businesses.

Simon SJDaccountancy
26th September 2003, 10:30
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26th September 2003, 11:15
Is that you editing the above James?I thought ads were allowed in this forum?

I would have thought that the nature of my question called for accountants to say, "Oi, here, gives us your work".

Or have I just missed the point of your edits?

Contractor UK
26th September 2003, 12:02
Actually it's me, Bryan, the "sidekick".

Blatant ads are not to be posted anywhere on the forum I'm afraid. Opinions and thoughts on services are of course always welcomed but I'm removing any ads posted since some are getting a little carried away in an opportunistic sense!

Thanks everyone for your understanding.

roger rabbit
26th September 2003, 12:26
You mean I can't offer my personal services to lucky ladies at only £100 an hour and no VAT??

26th September 2003, 12:26
Great, let’s frighten off all the proper accountants, leaving the field clear for us amateurs to offer our flaky advice without risk of being contradicted by an expert. :)

www 1staccountancy biz
26th September 2003, 12:29
Hello....have been reincarnated. New name as shown left! ;)

Darren U

26th September 2003, 12:47
Ah, got to pay for your ad!

Hey rogger, based on your alleged performance levels, would have thought you needed to be VAT registered. Add another 17.5% ladies!

www 1staccountancy biz
26th September 2003, 13:53

I'm sure RR could "hide" the profits from his ill gotton gains in a tax haven that will avoid the attention of the authorities....such as under the floor boards. :lol ;)