View Full Version : Agency ending relationship with client

29th October 2003, 09:47
I have been employed by an agency via a contract based on deliverables rather than length of time. Back to back projects have been supplied by the same client, meaning continuous work every time one project ends, as a new contract is drawn up each time.

Now the client wants to change the arrangement and move to traditional 6-month contracts. The agency is not happy with this and wants to end the relationship. This means that my contract will not be renewed! The client has ongoing projects for me, but the agency is actively trying to place me elsewhere. I do not want to move as I have built up specific knowledge and expertise that is useful to this client, increasing my chances of renewal, and enjoy the work, convenient location etc.

There is a 6 month clause in my contract stopping me from working for the client (through other agencies, umbrella etc I suppose too). However the agency have no guarantee for me that they will be able to find me another contract, and they are the ones in this case removing the contract opportunity, not the client. I am trying to negotiate with them, on a point of ethics and fairplay, not to mention professionalism as they are removing me half-way through a project and obviously this will not be appreciated by the client.

Can they get away with this? My feeling is that the clause is there to stop poaching, but in this case they are ending the relationship anyway and trying to send me to contracts that do not interest me so that they can continue to gain from my income. This does not seem fair, but is this just my tough luck or are they breaking any kind of contract law?

Hope somebody can help!