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13th October 2003, 15:16
I have been hit hard by the slump in the IT market, the last two years being the hardest I have known in trying to find work.

Companies House are looking to take out bankruptcy proceedings against me.

Has anybody else gone through this?
What are my best options?
What can I expect?
Are there any websites to guide me?

I don't have a mortgage or own a house or have any assets of any worth. I am single with no dependents so its just me.

I don't even have enough money to get advice from a solicitor and the Citizens Advice Bureau have not been of any help.

Sorry to be so negative people.
Fingers crossed for next year. It is a shame because I have been using microsoft .Net for about a year now (in my own time) and its good - it works - its just there are very few jobs in it that I have found.

Thanks in advance

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13th October 2003, 15:20
Have you tried talking to them and coming to some sort of arrangement?

Is this to do with filing penalties? :(

14th October 2003, 11:15
If it is late filing penalties, and you do not require use of your company, ring companies house and tell them you submitted a 652a about 6 months ago together with a cheque for the amount of £ 10.00

tell them you hand delivered it to you nearest companies house office they have them in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester and London and you got a receipt but cant find it

they will tell you they havent received it, and ask you if the cheque has cleared, which it wont have done, tell them you will submit a further one

As a rule companies house do not pursue penalties for companies that are closing down

the same thing happended to me a few years ago (they were chasing a annual return and £ 500.00 penalty for late submission of accounts) and i managed to get out of it with above.