View Full Version : Registering as a taxpayer in France (UK Ltd vs French Ltd)

3rd December 2018, 12:17
Hi all,

I'm working in IT (developer) through my UK Ltd
I moved to France recently. Renting here. I need to become a French taxpayer.
So I'm thinking if I should:
1) close my UK Ltd and open a French one

In such case
a) I'm concerned that working as a contractor in France can be quite different and maybe I'd be better off working as perm
Does anyone have knowledge/experience doing this

2) I can keep my UK company, but I can put all my income in French SelfAssessment.

In such a case :
a) Wouldn't it all look dodgy for the officials.
b) Should I change my company address

Any advice would be very much appreciated

3rd December 2018, 12:19
Any advise would be very much appreciated


3rd December 2018, 12:31
Thank you. Fixed.

Any other advice :smile ?