View Full Version : I must stop going to the Dentist

19th January 2005, 19:07
....its obviously not a good idea to leave this forum undefended whilst at the dentist.

Last time I took the morning of for a filling milANUS was accusing me of fathering an illegitimate child.....and no I don't mean him although it was just about physically possible :(

This morning I went for another filling and our PAYE thread in accounting has been locked and several replies to dagnytaggartthethird have been removed. Its a shame that some people cannot play the game with true spirit - perhaps is was the ease of working out who this poster really was that forced him to throw in the towel and get CUK to remove posts and lock the thread....I couldn't possibly comment - oh bugger I just did.

I am going for another filling on the morning of 4th February - that's 4 trips to the dentist for 3 re-fillings. At the very least I expect the world to have ended by the time I get back.