View Full Version : Hacked EBAY!!!!!!!!!

26th February 2007, 22:59
My account has been hacked. Walked in to find 1000s of listings being added as I watched.

I reset the password and changed the question, five minutes later locked out again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now suspended. Can you get anyone at EBay to talk to. NO YOU F-CKING CANT!!!


Spent an hour trying to stop my machine from being fried.

26th February 2007, 23:42
What are they selling?

27th February 2007, 09:10
Good luck - mine was hacked too and it took about 3 weeks to sort it out with Ebay. Change all your passwords to be on the safe side, including email, just in case. My mistake was using a obvious, guessable password, so make sure you pick a strong one. Ebay will refund all the fees and so on, but its just a pain to sort out.

27th February 2007, 09:20
This happened to me a few months ago. My account was hacked and hundreds of fake Louis Vitton handbags listed. This resulted in me being banned for listing fake goods.

I found it fairly stratightforward to get my name cleared and all costs refunded. I sent an email explaining what had happened and it was all sorted within a few days.

27th February 2007, 20:11
I feel sorry for those guillable people who bought those fake Louis Vuitton handbags. In fact I don't think these scoundrals have anything to sell in the first place.

27th February 2007, 20:25
Change all your passwords to be on the safe side, including email, just in case.
Er, obviously sweep your machine for keyloggers etc before you do that or there's no point etc etc

Sorry to hear that MF - what a pain.

27th February 2007, 21:43
Er, obviously sweep your machine for keyloggers etc before you do that or there's no point etc etc

Sorry to hear that MF - what a pain.

And what about the real losers bidders like my partner. This is a geniune message sent from e-bay about a Louis Vuitton bag that she was stupid enough to bid on. She joined in 2005 and it is seldom that she wins anything.

She bid on Item 230091496356 and I am so glad she didn't win it


We'd like to let you know that this Item, 230091496356 - Louis Vuitton Ellipse bag excellent condition 100% auth was removed from eBay for breaching of one or more of our policies. As it's important that eBay maintains member privacy, we can't tell you exactly why the listing was removed.

Any offers or bids placed on this auction-style listing are now null and void.

If you've already won the item

If you were the winning bidder, you're no longer obliged to pay for the item. If you've already paid for it, you can choose to reverse the payment or ask the seller for a refund. If you've already received the item you've the option of accepting it or returning it to the seller.

Here's what you can do now:

1) Contact the seller
2) Contact your payment provider
3) Report that the matter hasn't been resolved

- Contact the seller

At this stage, we recommend that you contact the seller and discuss the situation. It's likely you'll be able to work out a solution together.

Check your email account for the "You Won eBay Item…" email from eBay--it contains the seller's email address. You may also have previous emails from the seller. Unfortunately, we can't give you the seller's contact details.

- Contact your payment provider

If you can't reach the seller, contact the service that you used to send payment. They may be able to reverse the payment.

If you used PayPal, copy this link into a new browser window to find out whether you can make a claim:


If you paid by another method, such as bank transfer or credit card, contact your bank or credit card company.

- Report that the matter hasn't been resolved

If you're not able to arrange a refund and you didn't receive the item (or it wasn't as described in the listing), please contact us by copying this link into a new browser window:


and selecting Report problems with other eBay members > Fraud concerns for buyers > You paid for an item but never received it.

We assure you that your eBay record won't be negatively affected by this matter. We've told the seller that this listing has been removed and that you're no longer obliged to complete the purchase.

Finally, as the listing has been removed, no feedback can be left for the purchase.

We hope that this information is helpful to you.


eBay Trust & Safety